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About Us

We are a team of few enthusiastic member's, who have a common goal -
 " spread the knowledge and happiness ".

This page is all about, who we are and what we do for you and how we are constantly in process to provide our audience all new fresh contents. We will always do our best to bring a beautiful smile on your face. We are a team of experts, who always keep an eye over our customers feedbacks.

                                                                           On our portal in-spite of fun messages, jokes and many more in the category, we also update our database with latest technology tip's and tricks which many common people may not know and remain away from their benefits.

Many of these tips and tricks involve the social platform application's, because many people around are not fully aware of the facilities and option's available with the trending social apps. Which many times result's in an annoying situation's. These situation's may vary from person to person and as per need also. Some people, due to lack of sufficient information could not enable their sensitive privacy setting's and at that time situation create's as social platform's become's a trap.
                                                                 But in reality , social platforms are very much useful, if we learn to use them properly. We constantly post related article on technical area's also so that the journey of on-line social world could be enjoyable, and that's why we also post very unique, rich and great contents for our user's so that they visit us regularly and give us suggestion's and feedback's to improve further our user experience while giving value to our reader's.