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How to remove indelible ink mark used in elections from hand - Demonetisation traffic relief step

How to remove indelible ink mark

How to remove Indelible Ink Mark

People often ask their friends as how to remove the indelible ink which they got painted on the fingers of their hand during any election's. As these indelible ink are a preventive measure for any organisation to stop any fraud's but people even then try to remove the indelible inks.

Here we will be discussing various aspects of indelible inks. So first of all we start with the introduction of these inks.

What is indelible inks ?

Indelible Inks are a very special inks preapared especially to check out the frauds happening during any elections. These inks are not permanant marks on your finger, instead these marks remain on your finger for few days to a few weeks. These are called indelible inks because these inks once applied on your fingers can not be easily washed off. It will take few days to few weeks to get it ommited automatically.

Can indelible inks be removed ?

The internet and the electronic media is full of many misleading article's on this topic, that how to remove indelible inks, but to say sure that these methods will work or not, will depend on many circumstances. It may depend upon the compostion of indelible ink used for the purpose, it may depend upon the time indelible ink applied on your finger. So there are many factor's depending whiich result the removal of indelible ink. A few such methods have been dealt in the video below, which may help you to remove the indelible inks used generally in election's. These all methods have been collected from different sources and thus the results depend largely on time of application, composition of indelible ink. So check out the video given below to know the method which may come to your use to remove indelible inks.