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Here Bat's are worshipped as god, people say-they protect and bring prosperity

Can You believe that people of this place worship Bat as God ?

It may sound uncommon, but it is true. A place in India exists where the residents of this place worship bat as like god. They believe that they are the protector and the reason for their prosperity.

Bat worshipped as god

All of us have seen Bat's, there is a village named Sarsai or Rampur Ratnakar in Vaishali District of Bihar state in India, where the people of this not only worship them, they believe them as their protector also. Many tourist,s visit here to see these gathering of Bat. The residents of this place believe Bat are symbol's of the Goddess of Prosperity - Devi Laxmi.

One of the old people residing in this village believe that the place where Bat reside, the people of that place do not have monetary problems. But nobody knows exactly, from where these Bat's have come from and when.

According to the legends, in medieval era, there was an epidemic, due to which many people had lost their lives. During that time these Bat's came and since that time these Bat's reside here. It is of great strange that, since then no epidemic was there in this area.
Pathogen's are harmful for human

According to one of the professor's teaching in the local collage, Bat's body odour has some peculiar characteristic's that it destroy's the pathogens harmful for human being's. So according to the theory, these Bat's came during the epidemic and so the harmful pathogens were destroyed and so large scale life loss due to epidemic was got rid off.

The local villager's are not so happy with the state government as they say that hundred's of tourists come here daily, but no proper steps for their convenience has still been taken by the government.