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Umar khalid ridiculous JNU speech, calls ABVP as Vanar sena

Umar khalid returned back to Jawaharlal Nehru University, JNU Campus yesterday 22 February 2016 with his 5 fellow associates. All of them were found underground for last 6 days after they were charged under sedition.

Umar Khalid Speech at JNU Admin block 22 February 2016

Umar Khalid was greeted with “Red Salute” from his supporters in a loud voice, when after six days of underground life he appeared publicly to speak again against the government and to raise his voice to continue his battle.

He started his speech with a humour that – “His name is Umar Khalid but he isn't a terrorist“
He condemned the government in the possible way, he could. Umar Khalid said he will fight for his battle. Umar thanked his faculty comrades (faculty who supported him) for their support for his battle.

While Delhi police cops do not have the permission to get entry into the campus that is why Umar Khalid is still not arrested. He has been offered that he should surrender to the police. Police cops are waiting outside the campus for people who have been booked for sedition.

Umar in his speech called the members of ABVP as Vanar Sena and said that they are creating problems in the University.


Well what he tries to fight for and what the reality is behind, can be interpreted by seeing the complete video of his speech which he delivered at the Administrative Block of Jawaharlal Nehru University, JNU.

Let us see what Umar Khalid said to government and what he wishes to do in the video.

Umar khalid Speech at JNU