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Must know how much harmful radiation your phone emits

Harmful radiation of smartphone

Have you ever thought that using mobile phone or smartphone could be dangerous to your health.In today's fast running life almost every person own a smartphone. Since smartphone has its benefits and hence it has got very rapid popularity amongst the mass, it is very much necessary to know how much harmful radiation your phone emits.

But unfortunately, your smartphone may lead you to a dangerous health situation's too. 
If you are excursively using your smartphone which has not at par SAR Index then, it could cause serious problems, which may include brain related diseases.

What is SAR ?  

SAR means Specific Absorption Rate .

It indicates the radiation level which your body and head absorb's, when you use your smartphone.

According to government and authority regulation's 
the permitted maximum Level is below 1.6 W/kg above which is considered harmful radiation.

If your smartphone or mobile has values more than this prescribed then you should immediately stop using these devices as it could you heavy brain defects which remain un-noticed many times.

How to check SAR ?

You need to check SAR before you use it .

You can easily find it out by simply typing the code mentioned in the picture below.
when you type the code on the dial screen , a popup menu with the SAR details will show.

You can then decide whether to use the phone or not. 
This code works on the most of the smartphone mobile platform's.

So you must check the SAR of your smartphone before using it.

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Harmful radiation of your phone