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Top whatsapp tricks tips which every tech-savvy should know

whatsapp tricks tips

Friends , Do you know that there are several whatsapp tricks-tips regarding our -
                                                " whatsapp messenger " 
                                  which you all probably may not know .

Today I am going to discuss here some of very useful tips and tricks :-

Do you want to stop whatsapp Images to appear in Gallery for privacy reason's 

It can be very annoying and unwanted also if your whatsapp Images appear in the gallery. May be you don't want so, because the images are very secret, confidential or personal. You can do it very easily on your android phone with some tricks involved.

 Simply Follow some steps below :-

Step 1 :-  Open ES File Explorer, if you have not installed it on your phone, then get it from 
                Google Play-store
Step 2 :-  Now create a .no-media file in whatsapp Images and whatsapp Video Folder.
                ( Create - New- File- create a .no-media type file )

Just by creating this file on the desired folder, the Images and Videos will stop to show up in your Gallery.

Tip 1 :-  Silent Mode for group notification

                                              Step - 1
                               Tap on menu, following window will open, select mute.


Step 2

Select the interval of time for which you want to activate.


Tip 2:-   You can explore available WI-FI Hotspot around your location
               using send location feature.

  when you attach your location to your friend, then the window which opens up shows the available     WiFi hotspots near you

Tip 3:- Find out who has read your message in a whatsapp group


Long press your message, tap on (i) on the top and the details with date and time stamp will show up.

Tip 4:- Do you know that you can disable your Last See Status and Read Receipts also.
                ( How to disable whatsapp Last seen Status and Read Receipts )

You can follow the very simple steps described below to easily hide your whatsapp Last Seen Status and Read Receipts from other whatsapp user's.

Step 1


Tap on menu to pop up this window and select settings.

Step 2


Select Profile option.

Step 3


Select Privacy

Step 4


In this window you can set the desired status of your last seen status and read receipts.

That's So easy !!!

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