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How to make your mobile phone unreachable-not reachable with active outgoing service

Hey friend's ,

As we have learnt the trick on how to make your phone unreachable - not reachable in the previous article.

Here I am again to show you the great trick that how to make your mobile phone not reachable - unreachable while its Outgoing service is still on .

That means - you can make calls to any person you wish, but the person who tries to call you will not able to make call on your number.Instead he will listen a computer voice saying that " the number you are calling currently unreachable - not reachable "

Doesn't it seems good to have this trick ?

Aren't you thinking that is it possible to put you phone into unreachable, not reachable mode while it is switched on ? Yes it's possible dear friend's. and the trick behind is very simple and good.
The trick mentioned below uses an android phone or any good smartphone, although this trick is very much successful on basic model mobile phone's also. You can try this trick to avoid those annoying calls which you do not want to pick up and even can make calls to the person you need to call.

The trick will be more beneficial to if you activate a missed call alert service on your operator's SIM card so that you can know that which person was trying to call you, and you can choose whom to call back so that important talks could be possible and annoying calls can be avoided very easily

So let us learn how to make your phone unreachable - not reachable while it is switched on

Step 1 -

Firstly you will have to find out the number for miss call alert for the SIM Card, which you wish to make unreachable. To find out this number

The number which we require will be found in " call forwarding when not reachable " menu.

Go to -> Settings -> Call Settings -> Call Forwarding

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Step 2 -

Obtain the miss call alert number from option - " Forward when Unreachable" - ( See Screen 4 )

( For example - if we want to find out the number for TATA DOCOMO, then the missed call alert number may be 9030955003 ) Now Select call forwarding option and we will begin set-up for blocking the incoming calls to have them unreachable response. Note down this number.

Screen 4

Step 3 - 

Now tap on " Always Forward "

Now enter the number which you have noted down earlier . Save settings and you are done.
From now onward's you can be free  from annoying calls. You can easily know who is trying to call you, since you have activated the missed call alert service already .

Screen 5

Screen 6


Kindly take a note that a call forward status icon appears on the notification panel above on the screen to confirm that call forwarding to the entered number has been successfully activated.

Now your phone will be unreachable for all the incoming calls made to you.
Even you can  make all outgoing calls and surf the mobile internet also.

Hurray !!! We have learnt the secret to make mobile phone unreachable, not - reachable.